GCT Bayonne

Strategically located outside the Bayonne Bridge, GCT Bayonne is the closest container terminal to the New York/New Jersey harbor entrance, reducing transit time by two hours each way. Unrestricted by air and water draft, it is the only terminal in the harbor able to service the large vessels transiting the Suez and Panama canals. GCT Bayonne’s 2,700 foot (823 meter) berth and 50 foot (15.2 meter) draft is supported by 8 post-Panamax ship-to-shore cranes, 20 semi-automated RMGs, and 17 manned RTGs. The GCT Bayonne Truck Gate opens Monday through Friday at 6:00am.

GCT Bayonne is located at:

302 Port Jersey Blvd., Jersey City, NJ  07305
Main Number: 201-706-4000; Customer Service: 201-706-4100